Amazing people create great brands – how to be both

amazing people create great brands

Amazing people create great brands – how to be both


Brands are like people.

Here’s how amazing people create great brands, and why it’s hard work but worth it.

If you think of brands as people, you can easily understand why they’re so similar.

Think of a brand you love – a brand you’re loyal to. Apple? Always buying their iPhone over Android? (If you’re not, what are you thinking?? ;)) BMW for their ‘ultimate driving experience’? Why are you loyal to them? What is the basis for your trust?

You’ll see I’ll bet that it’s a complicated mix of things. Things like speed of service, quality of the product, mission of the company, beliefs of the founders, knowledge of their staff – all of which ultimately gives you a ‘feeling’. A feeling like you know the brand, a feeling that you trust their intentions and their product.


Loyalty prevails.

Loyalty is the golden goose with the golden eggs that makes you rich beyond your wildest dreams in the land of business. Loyal customers feel so strongly towards your brand they’re the early adopters of your new products, and they’re the first to give you great referrals.

A loyal person is the exact same, always sharing how great you are, and always jumping on board. If you want to build a brand that’s respected, that obtains great loyal customers who purchase time and time again and recommend you till their tongues get dry, then the question is, how did you get that loyal person? If you were to ask them, what would their reasons be?

For me, things like – you’re trustworthy, fun, understanding, open minded, thoughtful, considerate, and respectful spring to mind – this is what makes me loyal to that person. So let’s dive into them.


Being trustworthy

How do you become trustworthy? I’d imagine that you already know – sticking to your word, following through on your promises, being there when you’re needed and most importantly, very rarely if ever breaking it.

Building trust for your brand is not any more or less complicated than creating trust for yourself. Make a commitment to a conference call at 4pm on Thursday and you best have a great scheduling process in place so you don’t miss it. Set a deadline so your client can launch their new product with your work – you want to make sure you do everything in your power to hit it. Trust takes time, but by focussing on it’s growth, you develop a solid foundation for you brand.


great person amazing brand

Be fun, fool

Despite how trustworthy someone is, it means nothing if they’re as boring as two wood planks. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Be professional? Sure, but be rigid beyond any capability of connection, no.

Write as you speak, don’t hide who your are and your brand will reap the rewards. Can your brand have a unique voice separate from your own? Definitely – but don’t become robotic – don’t become no fun.


Understand understanding

So you’re trustworthy AND fun – your friends must think you’re a hoot.

Now a time comes when your friend ‘trusts’ you with something about themselves they’re not too proud of – they need guidance, someone fun and trustworthy to hold their hand during this difficult time. They open up, and you’re as understanding as a whole floor of wood planks.

By not being able to relate – not having the ability to ‘put yourself in their shoes’ you lack a massive part of being a great person – and if your brand is the same, it’ll suffer the same fait – it won’t be great

This is integral for understanding your customers problems, and thus coming up with great products and services for them.

When trouble arises, be understanding, open minded and considerate – the possible short term loss will benefit you massive long term gain.


From people to brands

Brands are essentially people – they’re run by people and should be as complex and multi dimensional as people. Your brand should be the best ‘brand’ of all your customers.

Work hard to push your brand above and beyond what you’re currently working toward with customer outreach, and customer loyalty. Develop your brand to be trustworthy and loyal, fun and open minded – all the things that make you a great a person, and you’ll create an amazing brand.