When it comes to brand development and business growth, creating and following a clear process is what can often be the difference between hitting your business goals, and missing them entirely.

We’ve found that start-ups that not only have a clear vision, but also a clear ‘process’ of how they’ll achieve that vision, are the ones that succeed.

You can have a clear set of brand values that your team can identify with, and even a core purpose to unify your team to your customers and create a common mission that everyone can get behind, but it all means nothing without process.

Process, in clear terms, is all that matters.

It’s the key to achieving everything you want in your personal and business life.

You want to use ‘process’ as a meter to determine whether the day has been a success or not. If you’ve followed the process you’ve set out that day, then the day has been a success, if you failed to follow your process, then you failed to move the needle towards your personal and business goals. As after all, a day is a life in miniature.

The more days you have failing to follow your process, the further behind you’ll fall.

Fail to follow your process, fail the day.

We often have clients approach us asking us to help increase the awareness of their brand. They’re focussed on reducing their CAC (customer acquisition cost), increasing their customer base, and increasing their brand awareness. Great goals to have for a worthy cause.

Your business goals are achieved in the choices you and your team make day by day. What you focus on, and equally, don’t focus on, day by day, are the keys to hitting business milestones.

When you have determined your next business goal, for example, to increase your brand awareness, you want to set out deciding on a process for achieving that goal. Remember, process is, all, that, matters.

Choose the process.

If you, therefore, conclude that a good way to increase your brand’s awareness is through social media growth, then decide on a process for that growth.

  • How many posts on which social platforms are you going to post on, each day?
  • How many comments are you going to make on industry-related posts each day?
  • How many likes are you going to make each day?
  • How many shares/reposts are you going to make each day.
  • What hashtag strategy are you going to cycle through each day/week?
  • How long each day will be dedicated to research for future content?
  • How long each week will be dedicated to monitoring your growth?
  • How many hours will be dedicated to reviewing successful content and repurposing it?

The list goes on.

Decide your daily process for achieving your overall goal, and make it non-negotiable, then follow it, religiously. Do not miss a day that you have previously set as a day to follow your process.

A day where you have not followed your process entirely is a failed day. Give it that much weight, and you’re guaranteed to be that much more likely to hit your goal.

Your business goals.

So what’s your business currently trying to achieve?

Are you looking to increase your conversions (we have a 10 simple step by step plan to increase your conversions here), are you looking to increase customer retention, launch V2.0 of your product? Decide your process.

What process can your team and you follow each day that will nearly guarantee your success if you follow it?

Decide that, and all that’s left is to simply do it.

What goal are you focussing on, and more importantly, what daily process have you created to achieve it?

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