Why you have to start a business


Why you have to start a business

Urgh, I hear you grunt as you think about the amount of work you have to go through to start your own business. Set up accounts, register a company, brainstorm a company name, design a logo, build a website, find products, plan services, develop marketing, set up social media accounts… and that’s all before you make your first sale. We get it, it’s a tough sell but hear us out. Here’s why you have to start a business, immediately.



You hear about it from all your entrepreneurial friends, but we look at it a little differently. You actually have less time running a business. You have less time to socialize, less time with your family, less time with your book, your dog and your bath. You’ll find you’re answering emails as your walking that dog, as you’re doing Christmas shopping in that Mall or watching your kid play soccer. Time is sucked away into an abyss that never returns it and you have little control…. at first. Businesses eat time, that’s what they do, especially when you’re starting out. Often an entrepreneur is the product manager, sales rep, web developer, graphic designer, bookkeeper, accountant, project manager, account manager, and company director. But once you’re through that initial push, once you get your cash flow flowing and your business thriving, you have time. And not just physical time, but mental time too. If you need to see your Sister that’s briefly come into town on that only Wednesday afternoon, you can. If you need to mentally take a few hours out of work to make a big decision, you can. So push through, put the hours in now, so you can reap the rewards later.


It’s simpler than ever before.

Despite the list of tasks that I reminded you about before, it really is simpler than ever before. I never set up a business back in the 60’s, but the evidence is out there, that with the internet boom, people can run 6 figure businesses from their living rooms. Setting up accounts, registering a company name, trademarking, setting up a website, buying business cards, making your first sales… all from your living room. It’s so simple to do now (notice I didn’t say easier). All it takes is dedication, commitment, and most of all, work. You need to dedicate yourself to the business your about to set up. It’s that dedication that will get you through the tough times. When you go to register your company but the name you’ve always thought your business was going to be called resembles a competitor and it’s rejected, you have to have something to fall on to keep you going. When you’re spending the 20th hour trying to learn how to design a logo because you want to the save money on the businesses initial outlay, again, you have to have something that will stop you quitting. With Yeti, we’ve worked with tons of businesses of all sizes and from the ground up. We found that those that had made a pact with themselves, that no matter what trouble they faced they would continue, are the ones that now run successful businesses.

Remember, if you don’t know how to do something, you can learn. Some things of course if you have the capital, would be better suited to hiring a professional for, however, if you want to learn you can. All the information you need is out there on articles and videos. Simply google it, and learn.

So get started, you can do it. Start your business, gain time, become your own boss and if you hit a wall, smash your way through it.


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