The Brief

With Next Stop LAX being a visa consultancy for international entertainment professionals, our brief was simple; make them the leaders of their field. Make the brand professional and structured, yet approachable and charismatic like many of their clients.

Logo Design


Next Stop LAX had a single requirement; that we transfer over from the use of the stars from their old branding. The stars have been with them since the beginning. This gave us an interesting task. Trying to bring a professional feel and energetic nature to a icon which can very easily become cliché; a star.

case study logo

Web Design

Next Stop LAX’s website allows them to clearly communicate the complicated array of services they offer. They’ve also gone one step further, by using the site to optimize their workflow. Yeti developed an online submissions process for interested applicants, online documents for new clients, and payment pages for online payments, saving Next Stop LAX tons of hours per week in administration.


Next Stop LAX, being a Visa consultancy have a lot of paperwork, and everything needed a consistent image and branding. In fact, that was one of the main problems with their previous image; consistency. It’s hard to trust a company, especially with such a delicate a matter as a Visa when they look inconsistent. Yeti have designed close to a hundred documents and hundreds of pages for Next Stop LAX.

NSL Documentation


Next Stop LAX, also wanted to make sure they’re seen as an approachable company, and Yeti helped them achieve this. We designed their promotional materials for their client parties, events and seminars. We also created landing pages for the events with huge conversions. We work with Next Stop LAX on a weekly basis and have done since our first contract with them over 2 years ago.


Social Media and Blog

Next Stop LAX have started concentrating on their social media marketing and outreach. Yeti assisted them by branding their social media accounts and creating an active blog. We manage their blog for them, uploading client and promotional news, keeping their presence active and relevant.


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