The Brief

Create a brand that reflects the fun nature of the Feed and Go product. The automated pet feeder has an inbuilt web cam, voice recorder and automated scheduler which they wanted users to be able to update using any device. Feed and Go wanted to incorporate the dark blue to make their white feeder pop, however other than that, had no other restrictions giving us full reigns on the development of the brand.

Logo Design


Feed and Go had previously hired a web design firm to brand them, but unfortunately had a negative experience. The designs delivered were dated, and didn’t capture the fun of Feed and Go’s automated pet feeder. The original logo that was brought to us didn’t adhere to many of the logo design rules including; being simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate.

First Concepts

We wanted to give Feed and Go’s logo flexibility, while also developing a design that can be iconic. This is why we created concepts that included text and an icon, allowing Feed and Go to use the icon independently of the name. We wanted to also communicate information about the product, it’s category, it’s purpose, so our original sketches included outlines of Feed and Go’s main product; the automated pet feeder, and of Dogs, Cats, and paw prints.

The Final Design

All Coming Together


Using a rigid strong font gives the logo presence, curving the edges to remove harshness, and bringing the three words together create the logo. An iconic paw print gives it flexibility and provides Feed and Go a symbol for their brand.

It’s Monster Work

Heavy Work

Feed and Go isn’t just your regular product website. Feed and Go have a portal for their customers to schedule the feeder, view the webcam, activate the voice call and more. Yeti were set the task of designing the entire interface; the front product website, the store, and the account management portal.


Alex the founder of Feed and Go takes SEO very importantly after his previous businesses have had huge success massively assisted by their placement in Google. Over the years we’ve worked alongside several SEO experts to implement the optimizations.

Page Speed

Feed and Go were focussed on getting their site as fast as possible. With such a large complicated site this was no easy feat. We shaved 60% off the load time and brought a page load to under 1.6 seconds… which is quick!


We created a multi platform iOS app for Feed and Go, operating on iPhone 4’s and up, and iPad 2’s and up.

Promo Video

Wrote, Cast, Produced, Recorded, Edited.


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