So let's go over 4 keys to creating an amazing logo. Remember, your logo is not your brand. It is just a visual representation of your company. Brand, on the other hand, is more than just visual. It is the overall perception your customers have about your business. How your customers feel when they experience your product or service, what people think of when they hear your business’ name, all of that and more become your brand. However, that is not to say that a logo doesn’t matter. An appealing and appropriate logo is vital to your brand’s image. Just by looking at your logo, people will make assumptions about your business and if they've no other data, may even decide if they should do business with you. Creating a great logo is no easy task, but it can be extremely rewarding. Here are a few rules to follow to make sure you are creating a logo that will be your company’s image for many years to come:  

1. Planning should be a priority.

The first essential step to creating your logo is planning. Your logo will be an important part of your brand identity so you must be spending more time on planning than on any other step of the entire design process.
  • Identify who your target audience is and outline what you want your logo to communicate to them.
  • Think about your company’s mission statement. Writing down your mission statement and focusing on what it means to your organization will help you generate ideas.
  • Studying your competition can also provide you with industry related design themes that are running through it. It's ok to be inspired by your competitors, but don’t copy. Instead, brainstorm ways in which you can make your logo stand out.
  • Decide what words you want to include in your logo design. Do you want to include the actual legal name of your company or just the acronym? Do you want to include a slogan?

2. Make it simple

The main goal of creating a logo is brand recognition. Make your logo as simple as possible. There are tons of reasons for this, but least of which that simple logos are more recognisable than complicated ones. Avoid using too much detail on your design and leave out anything that is unnecessary. Focus on how your logo design will relate to your company. Make your logo simple yet compelling. It's a good idea to have your logo reflect your company’s core purpose, vision, mission, and values. What do you want your customers to remember about your business when they see your logo? What emotions do you want to evoke from your customers?

Complicated Logo

complicated logo

Clean, Simple Logo


3. Make it Unique

airbnb logoA logo is your first shot at providing your target audience with an idea of what you are offering, so be sure your logo is something that will easily be identified as your brand. Think outside the box to create something that no other business has thought of. However, be careful. There are many ways that trying to be unique can actually be a hindrance to you and your brand. If you take Air Bnb's latest logo as an example, many have seen that the logo can be used in numerous ways. logo mistake

4. Be patient

So you think you’ve created a logo that’s clever and creative? Don’t expect to hit a home run instantly. Just like any endeavour, logo design success requires time and patience. Don’t make drastic changes just because you get the impression that your logo is not working for you. Remember that your logo is just the first step and brand recognition is the end goal. This does not mean that change is not always necessary. A logo redesign, done in the right time and situation can help boost your brand. Tweaking your logo to match the style that appeals to your target market can be beneficial to the success of your business. But let the dust settle after designing and launching a new logo, and don't allow yourself to believe that a beautifully designed logo is integral to success. Some of the largest companies in the world have terrible logos. Keep in mind that your logo is just a fraction of your brand’s overall identity. On top of having a great logo, providing great service and building relationships with the client will help build your brand’s visibility and credibility.  

5. Be Timeless

An ideal aim for a logo design is to be timeless. What this means is that the design of the logo doesn't inherently fall 'on trend', and thus will fall 'out of trend' in the future. It's not the be all and end all, as even the largest companies update their logos from time to time, but if you can develop a logo like Coca Cola, that has barely changed since it's inception over 100 years ago, then you know you've got a timeless, beautiful logo.