What does your business stand by (or against)?

Stand for something. Think about any brand you love. Those brands stand for something (or against something) and stand by their ‘something’ at all times. For example, if you sell cheap furniture, the company that stands by helping the underprivileged get beds to sleep on, desks to work at, and tables for their families to eat at, have something they stand for, their why. Their reason for being in business. They can run every decision by it. Every social campaign by it. Every graphic by it. Does this decision help the less fortunate get a higher quality of furniture at an affordable price? They would develop a reputation as a company that stands by those in need.


Most businesses don’t think

Most businesses don’t think about what they stand by. Where is their ‘line in the sand’? You see, when you have a line in the sand it’s very easy to stay true to your brand’s path. Think about how the law works. When a suspect is apprehended they are read their ‘rights’, you know it, ‘you have the right to remain silent…’. This is a hard line in the sand. If their case is taken to court, and the suspect has not been read his rights at the time of his / her arrest, or interview, or interrogation, it doesn’t matter if they signed a confession letter, it stands for nothing. The line in the sand was crossed.


Create your lines in the sand – stand for something

Take time out of your business to draw some lines in the sand of your own. If you sell coffee, what’s the cheapest material you’ll serve your coffee in? What the lowest quality of bean you’re willing to purchase? Most businesses just make decisions as they go about elements of the business that are important. Should you set lines in the sand for everything? Of course not, but for the important things, I believe so. What are the real reason’s you’re in business, what does your brand stand by? Draw your line in the sand – no coffee will ever be served in a cup that is not made from over 70% recycled cardboard. Free refills apply despite the amount or size. Those lines, draw them, draw them hard and give your business something it stands by. It’ll help with marketing and even brand loyalty.

What does your business stand for (or against)?

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